The FLARE study: ‘A new lipid formulation of low dose ibuprofen shows non-inferiority to high dose standard ibuprofen’

The FLARE study objective was to investigate the short-term efficacy and safety of Flarin novel lipid ibuprofen formulation (1200 mg / day soft gel sapsules) compared with standard liquid filled ibuprofen capsules (1200 mg / day or 2400 mg / day) in patients with episodic knee arthralgia/flaring knee pain.

The Flare study recruited 462 primary care patients and all patients received treatment for 5 days with the option to continue for an additional 5 days.

The study met its primary endpoint and demonstrated that Flarin lipid formulated  (1200 mg / day) was non-inferior to standard ibuprofen liquid filled capsules (2400  mg / day) in relieving flaring knee pain.

The most commonly reported adverse events were GI disorders, a known ibuprofen adverse effect with 24 ( 16.2%) patients reporting these in the Flarin (1200mg/day)treated group compared to 35 (22.6%) and 45 (28.3%) of patients in the 1200mg/day and 2400mg/day standard liquid filled ibuprofen capsule treated groups respectively.

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